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Our firm can help or direct you to the right resources of our partners if you have other immigration challenges.

  • Getting your Credentials evaluated
  • How to find a job as a Caregiver (nanny)
  • Complications when a family member has a medical or criminal problem affecting your migration or family sponsorships
  • Finding the right courses and colleges/universities (including placement in school, college or university)
  • Sifting through the complications of various Provincial Nominee Programs
  • Travel Documents for Returning Residents
  • Visitor Visa barriers
  • Screening Work Permits and Arranged Employment offers by employers or agents
  • Criminal Rehabilitation applications
  • Applying for an Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC) if you were previously removed, deported or asked to leave Canada.
  • If you find yourself in Canada with an unscrupulous agent or an employer who does not honour their commitments to you (such as wages and hours of work) or ask you to do work that is outside the scope of your Work Permit
  • Help in finding or starting a Business/Investment
  • Pre-Departure Workshops and courses (in conjunction with government approved Canadian agencies specializing in Settlement Programs) so that you can prepare and be better equipped to be successful in finding a job and start comfortably in Canada