Our senior management team consists of experienced attorneys and marketing executives and professionals from Philippines and Canada dedicated to excellence. Our managers, administrators and other staff in Manila and across the country are highly trained, ethical and compassionate individuals who excel at providing an honest and efficient service to our clients.


From left to right:

Manny Licsi is a VP at PCN Promopro, Inc., a major marketing and promotions agency in Manila with offices across the Philippines. He is responsible for brand development and expansion of our company across the country. We also rely on his good counsel for all our brand awareness and promotional campaigns.

Atty. Abigail N. De La Cruz is a lawyer with several years of experience and works with a law firm in Manila. She is responsible for all legal matters, general management and good governance and compliance of the company, its staff and network of representatives in the Philippines. All client contracts and agreements are executed by her.

Atty. Massood Joomratty (MJ) is the head of the Canadian law firm with over 20 years of experience in Canadian immigration. He travels frequently to all of his overseas offices giving free seminars/workshops and meeting with clients. He supervises a team of lawyers, managers and experienced staff in Canada that provide all legal advice and services to our clients and ongoing support to the teams of his global network.

Alec Pang is the Managing Director and Board Member at Sixth Sense IMS, an innovative integrated marketing services agency based in Manila with presence across the Philippines. Alec heads the marketing and advertising campaigns of our company and its services.